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07.06.2011 | Daily

Mark Zuckerberg most popular on Google+, small businesses still struggling, Amazon launches pet store, and more.

Mark Zuckerberg dominates Google+. According to the New York Times, the Facebook CEO is currently the most popular person (with 35,000 followers) on Google's new social networking platform that was meant to take on...Facebook.

Google+ nixes private profiles. Attention all timid Google+ users: Mashable points out that if you choose to keep your profile private, it will actually be deleted after July 31st. The service is requiring profiles to be public.

Small businesses still facing recession? The Wall Street Journal reports new data reveals small businesses are still struggling with tight credit and rising costs. Though other reports suggest small businesses are starting to feel an upswing.

Amazon launches Wag. The online retail giant has launched another cyber store,, which will sell pet supplies.

How's that internship going, kid? The HBR Blog has a helpful matrix for business interns to evaluate how they are doing so far this summer.

PayPal Twitter hacked. Just a few days after the Fox News Twitter debacle, Mashable reports that PayPal's UK Twitter was hacked, though the company says customers personal data is "100% safe."

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Last updated: Jul 6, 2011

NICOLE CARTER | Staff Writer | San Francisco Bureau Chief

Nicole Carter is Inc.'s San Francisco bureau chief. She was previously an editor at New York Daily News, and her work has also appeared in Consumer Reports magazine.

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