Ages: 29 (Wright) and 30 (Osborn)
Location: New York
2006 Revenue: undisclosed
Employees: 5 full-time, 10 part-time or contracted
Year founded: 2005

The two Jasons started out as roommates in Manhattan's West Village and ended up as business partners. They met after they both moved to New York to pursue modeling -- that is, until a better idea came along. Osborn grew up around a family of bakers and turned his apartment into a test kitchen for his first batch of granola. After consulting a nutritionist who verified the health benefits of the concoction, the roommates set out pitching their new product to local health food stores. Eventually, they got a meeting with the regional food buyer for Whole Foods in the Northeast, and landed Feed Granola a spot on the chain's shelves. This past year, their product was featured as the "Snack of the Day" on Rachel Ray.

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