How new technologies, a proliferation of resources, and a disenchantment with the corporate world are making Generation Y the most entrepreneurial in history.

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Ben Kaufman The Innovator

Ben Kaufman took the tech world by storm with his line of iPod accessories -- by allowing customers to design them. But his real plan is to revolutionize the way consumer products are developed. Did we mention he's only 20 years old?

Sean Belnick The Chair Man of the Board

At 14, Sean Belnick took $500 and started selling office chairs online. Today, he's running a $24 million furniture company whose customers include Microsoft, Google, and the Pentagon.

Bo Menkiti The Home Maker

Bo Menkiti was tired of seeing all the boarded-up, abandoned buildings in his Washington neighborhood. So he got a real estate license, founded an agency, and started developing homes for teachers, firefighters, and other first-time buyers in the neglected middle market.

Sam Altman The Connector

Social networking has changed the way people communicate online. Sam Altman decided to take that concept and get people out into the real world.

Katie Kerrigan The Bootstrapper

As a former college basketball player, Katie Kerrigan knew all too well how difficult it was for tall women to find shoes that fit. So she created a trendy footwear line of her own. Now, women of all sizes are snatching up her heels at boutiques across the nation.