Show Me the Money!
They say it takes money to make money. But when you're young and trying to start a business, where do you turn for that all-important start-up capital?

Start a Business? Are You Crazy?
For many young entrepreneurs, starting a business comes at the expense of sleep, school, and social life. Which is why so many face skepticism from their friends and family. A look at what it takes to counter the naysayers.

The Classroom vs. the Real World
For years, business schools have been criticized for focusing too much on analysis and not enough on practical experience. But as more and more students turn their attention to entrepreneurship, universities are starting to adapt their curriculums. The result? More successful companies born on campus.


The Transformer
Most aspiring college entrepreneurs usually write business plans for new companies. Aaron Hall wanted to breathe life into an old one. Today, he's running Borrego Solar Systems, a $60 million company at the forefront of the green energy movement.

The Trappers
For generations, Maine has been the unofficial lobster capital of the world. But it took a pair of 20-something brothers to directly link seafood connoisseurs with the state's lobstermen. That John Ready and Brendan Ready have been catching lobster since childhood might have something to do with it.

The Contractor
Uncle Sam can be a very good customer. But landing government contracts is a tricky business, where red tape reigns supreme and bigger, more established companies have an edge. Try telling that to Sumi Krishan, who landed her first deal as a teenager.

The Number-Cruncher
America is drowning in a sea of debt. Aaron Patzer created a program to simplify people's finances -- and help them make smarter spending decisions.