#22 John Bicket
#23 Sanjit Biswas


Age: 28 (Bicket) and 26 (Biswas)
Location: San Francisco, CA
2007 Revenue: Undisclosed
Employees: 40
Year founded: 2006
Website: www.meraki.com

Launched as an MIT graduate student project, this rapidly expanding company uses inexpensive WiFi routers to create cheap, grassroots wireless networks in underserved regions of India, South America, and Africa, among other areas. Its 20-something founders have already landed over $20 million in funding from such key players as Google and Sequoia Capital. After a successful test drive in San Francisco, Meraki now connects customers in 125 different countries, providing broadband-speed access to the Internet for under $10 a month. "In two years, we went from selling products from our living room to selling them around the world," Biswas says.

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