#8 Aaron Levie
#9 Dylan Smith


Age: 23 (Levie) and 22 (Smith)
Location: Palo Alto, CA
2007 Revenue: Undisclosed
Employees: 37
Year founded: 2005
Website: www.box.net

Launched as a college project in a dorm room by these two Seattle area high school buddies, Box.net allows users to share, store, and access any type of digital file from anywhere at anytime. This year alone, the company netted $6 million in venture capital and has attracted nearly 2 million users, a number that's sure to grow with Dell having recently added a direct link to Box.net on its new Inspiron Mini 9 notebook to boost the device's storage capacity. Box.net users range from individual consumers to small businesses and large corporations, which use the site to collaborate on projects. Co-founder Aaron Levie says after receiving a call from billion entrepreneur Mark Cuban during his sophomore year, "we started realizing we stumbled upon something big."

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