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Music to Jam to at a Company Party

It’s time to let your hair down and show your employees that you know how to have a good time. And you’ll win some serious cool points if you add these songs to the playlist. Though you might want to practice some moves in the mirror before breaking them out on the dance floor. Just a thought.

CEO Playlist

Eric Demby, co-founder, Brooklyn Flea

"Everyone loves covers and soul music, and this is an uptempo reggae collection of '60s R&B by Jamaican artists, one of my favorite records of any kind of all time. Milton Henry's 'Gypsy Woman' is a killer."

Girl Talk Feed the Animals
You know that hot assistant down at the end of the hall? This mash-up is what she goes to hear when she goes clubbing with her girlfriends. Bonus points for Journey's "Faithfully" finale mixed with Huey's "Pop, Lock, and Drop It."

Bruce Springsteen "Born to Run"
Everyone! Drunken group sing-along!

N.W.A. "Something to Dance to"
The most underrated track on one of the greatest rap records of all time (Straight Outta Compton). Bonus: no swear words!

Men Without Hats "The Safety Dance"
What's a party without a little 80s' nostalgia?

T.I. "Whatever You Like"
You know that gorgeous new hire in marketing? Now's your time to win her over with a song, this song, the most romantic hip-hop song ever.

Fatboy Slim "The Rockafeller Skank"
A sample of old-time rapper Schoolly D and a ping-pong-y backing track can get anyone onto the dance floor.

David Guetta "When Love Takes Over"
It's a dance anthem featuring the dynamic vocal stylings of Kelly Rowland. This is one for the ladies.


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