A successful webinar can be a fun way to educate your market and generate qualified leads. Follow these suggestions to maximize the effectiveness and squeeze every bit of value out of your webinar.

1. Format

The webinar format should split the time evenly between a lecture and Q&A. This puts less pressure on the coordinators to make a long presentation and it is more exciting to the attendees than a mostly lecture format with a short Q&A at the end. Be sure to bring a list of relevant questions in case nobody speaks up. The content should be educational and any pre-made questions should address common points of confusion. This format is more free-flowing and will be enjoyed more by presenters and attendees.

2. Promotion     

Start your promotional efforts by alerting all clients and partners in your business network via a well-designed email marketing message. Then use social media channels like Twitter and Linkedin to engage users and announce your webinar. Participate in Twitter chats that are on topic with your webinar. Write a blog post announcing your webinar on your website and post a link and description on the Linkedin social network. Promotional videos are an attractive way to announce a webinar to the market.

3. Post-Production

This is where many marketers fail to continue to squeeze value from their webinar. It is easy to just download the attendee list and call it done at the end of the webinar, but this is where the real value generation begins. 

The recorded video from the podcast can be released in an interactive blog post. Always get a text transcription of the video using low-cost transcription services available online. Mechanical Turk can also provide low-cost video to text transcription. An all-audio file should also be released for podcasts and people who consume audio content on the go. The webinar content could even be re-purposed into a white paper or guide, depending on the topic and format.

Plenty of opportunities for blog content can also be generated from the webinar. Instead of releasing just one recap post, select specific areas or subtopics within the webinar to release as standalone blog posts. This may also include any interesting questions that were asked during the webinar. 

4. Long-Term Goals

Instead of just one webinar, you can also walk away with a podcast, video, a whitepaper or guide, and at least a few blog posts. This evergreen content will generate traffic to your website through search and social media for years to come.  

Follow up with your attendees through lead nurturing material rather than calls from company representatives. Always remember to ABH and not ABC your webinar attendees.