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Zynga Adds Ellen Siminoff to Board of Directors

The popular game developer has appointed its first female to the company's board.

Zynga headquarters in San Francisco


Zynga announced a new addition to its board of directors: Ellen Siminoff. The 44-year-old former Yahoo executive is the game developer’s first female board member. 

“Ellen has great experience and insights operating web business at scale and brings a passion for consumer Internet products,” Mark Pincus, Zynga CEO and founder, said in a statement to the press.  
“There is something to be said for boards having people who are representative of their customers,” Siminoff told Bloomberg, adding that the San-Francisco-based company’s target customer “right now is women who are middle-aged, and I fit into that demographic.”

Siminoff is currently President and CEO of Shmoop University (an educational website and resource for high school and college students) in addition to sitting on the board of several companies, including the Mozilla Corporation and Solarwinds.
Siminoff is the second high-profile, female exec to make news this week: Yahoo just announced Marissa Mayer as the company’s new CEO and director.

Both Zynga and Siminoff were unavailable for comment.  

IMAGE: GMWDesign/Flickr
Last updated: Jul 20, 2012

ABIGAIL TRACY is a staff reporter for Inc. magazine. Previously, she worked for Seattle Metropolitan magazine and Chicago magazine.

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