Amazon announced today the launch of a new cloud computing service, which it hopes will attract younger companies.

It's called AWS Activate, and it includes a handful of services specifically geared for start-ups, such as advanced training and support resources.

According to the company site, AWS Activate offers two packages: one for individual start-ups (the self-starter package) and one for start-ups working with accelerators or funds (the portfolio package). 

The self-starter package offers start-ups AWS usage, one month of AWS support at the developer level, “AWS Technical Professional” training and one credit for a lab.

The portfolio package essentially offers the same services, except it gives $1,000 to $15,000 in AWS promotional credits, up to a year of AWS support at the business level and more training opportunities. Both also offer users a start-up forum and third party offers.  

The move is likely a response to reports of smaller companies leaving Amazon for others developer services or opting for in-house servers, due to rising costs and inconsistencies in the infrastructure and speed associated with Amazon servers.