According to the recent Nielsen's Global Trust in Advertising and Brand Messages survey, consumers are more trusting of ads today than they were six years ago, but the forms of trusted advertising has seen a bit of a shake up. 

The survey, which included responses from 29,000 consumers taken between February 18 and March 8 of this year, found 84 percent of those surveyed said word of mouth advertising is still the most trusted form of advertising. Surprisingly, branded websites made a nine-percentage point leap into second place with 69 percent. In addition, 68 percent said they trust consumer opinions posted online.

In general, online advertising saw the most improvement. More than half (56 percent) of respondents said they trust consumer-consented email messages--up 7 percentage points since 2007. Nearly half of those surveyed trust ads in search engine results, online video ads, social network ads and online banner ads--promising news as advertisers spent 26 percent more money on display internet ads during the first quarter of 2013 than in 2012. 

Mobile also saw a jump in trust. The survey found that 45 percent of those surveyed find mobile display ads credible, with 37 percent of the respondent pool trusting text ads--an 18-percentage point leap since 2007. 

Advertisements on TV, the radio, before movies and in magazines also saw improvements in trust--over half of respondents found advertisements in each of these forms to credible. Only newspaper ads saw a drop in trust. In 2007, 63 percent of respondents trusted newspaper ads, dropping to 61 percent in 2013.