It appears the recent Internet bashing of Craigslist for it litigious behavior against third party app start-ups has possibly incited some change at the company.
Recently, Craigslist has quietly made changes to its interface and terms of service, according to TechCrunch
The ad service launched a new image feature, which no longer requires users to leave the category listings page to enlarge the thumbnail images. This feature does not appear in all categories on the site, but could indicate that the company is making moves to create a more user-friendly interface. There’s also the ability to now “hide” or “show” a thumbnail image next to individual listings. 
Craigslist also quietly removed the exclusive license feature in its terms of service on Thursday, reports VentureBeat. The clause, which was added last week, basically made Craigslist the owner of all users’ content.  But VentureBeat reports that after a meeting with the Electronic Frontier Foundation, Craigslist removed the clause. 
“It was important for Craigslist to remove the provision because claiming an exclusive license to the user’s posts--to the exclusion of everyone, including the original poster--would have harmed both innovation and users’ rights, and would have set a terrible precedent,” said EEF Senior Staff Attorney Kurt Opsahl in a blog post.  
Craigslist caused an Internet tizzy a few weeks ago when it filed a lawsuit against PadMapper and 3Staps, companies that use the site’s listings to power apps, and when it stopped allowing Google to index pages.