Over the last week, social media has been abuzz over Elon Musk, CEO of spacecraft manufacturer SpaceX and automaker Tesla Motors.  

During the seven-day period ending on Friday, Musk was mentioned a total of 17,725 times, according to data gathered for Inc. by social intelligence company Synthesio. That topped the totals for the other high-profile CEOs Synthesio tracks, including runner-up Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook (17,416).

Synthesio measures the number of times 25 top CEOs and 25 prominent startups are mentioned on Twitter and other social networks, as well as in blogs and news site comments.  

Musk received about four times as many positive mentions as negative ones. Much of the conversation concerned the second launch of the SpaceX Falcon 9-R rocket on Friday, as well as earlier news that the U.S. Court of Federal Claims issued an injunction preventing Lockheed Martin and Boeing from buying Russian-made engines to produce rockets for the Air Force.

The injunction was a result of a lawsuit Musk filed claiming that SpaceX could provide rockets at a considerably lower cost than those companies, which in December were awarded a lucrative Air Force contract. The entrepreneur argued that the contract should have been open to competitive bids, and that Lockheed Martin and Boeing should not be using engines manufactured by Russian companies. 

Zuckerberg received a surge in mentions on Wednesday as a result of Facebook's f8 conference for developers. Spotify and Tinder were the most buzzworthy startups, with 173,705 and 60,367 mentions, respectively, during the week.