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Facebook and Shutterstock Team Up to Make Your Ads Prettier

The two companies are partnering to make it easier for small businesses to advertise effectively on Facebook.


Facebook announced today that it will partner with image service Shutterstock to provide free images to businesses looking to jazz up their Facebook ads.

According to a Facebook announcement, in "coming weeks" users will have access to the Shuttershock library directly through the social media site's interface. The new feature is free and all images will be fully searchable and licensed for all Facebook ads.

Shutterstock's company blog had an explanation of how to use: 

Here’s how it works: Shutterstock will be integrated directly into the Facebook ad creation tool, where advertisers will be able to test multiple images--including their own photos, visuals from their previous ads, and professional stock images from Shutterstock--across Facebook’s mobile and desktop advertising products. 

Facebook also announced that businesses can now create more than one ad at a time by uploading multiple photos simultaneously.

Administrators of company pages will also be able to upload photos with mobile devices.

You can read the full details here and here.

Last updated: Aug 22, 2013

ABIGAIL TRACY is a staff reporter for Inc. magazine. Previously, she worked for Seattle Metropolitan magazine and Chicago magazine.

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