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Over Half of Americans Now Use Cell Phones to Go Online

Yet another reason to get your mobile site in shape: A recent Pew study found that the majority of cell phone owners are using them to access the Internet.

According to a September study by the Pew Research Center, 91 percent of Americans are cell phone owners, and 56 percent of all adults own a smartphone. (Not surprised?)

Well, maybe this will surprise you: The study also found that 63 percent of adult cell phone owners use their mobile phones to surf the web. Looking at the population as a whole, this means that 57 percent of all Americans go online via cell phones. It also found that 21 percent of adults mostly use their phone to access the Internet, as opposed to other devices.

Pew compiled data from a national telephone survey of 2,200 adults conducted earlier this year. 

These findings represent a substantial jump in mobile phone Internet usage compared to years' past. In 2012, only 55 percent of cell phone owners were using their phones to access the Internet--in 2009, only 31 percent.


Pew’s research also found that cell phone owners ages 18 to 29 were the most likely age demographic to use their phones to go online-- with 85 percent of them doing so. Seniors over the age of 65, on the other hand, were the least likely to go online using their cell phones with a mere 22 percent doing so. 

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Last updated: Sep 17, 2013


Abigail Tracy is a staff reporter for Inc. magazine. Previously, she worked for Seattle Metropolitan magazine and Chicago magazine.

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