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People Are Coming Around to Mobile Payments

A new study of consumer and merchant sentiment on social media suggests that businesses that have yet to adopt mobile payment systems would be wise get on board.

Merchants and consumers have both become much more open to mobile payment systems over the past two years, according to a recent study. 

The study, commissioned by global payments company MasterCard, found that merchants have an 88 percent positive sentiment rate toward mobile payments systems. To gather the results, social media research company Prime Research tracked more than 13 million comments across social media platforms including Twitter, Facebook, online blogs, and forums.

Conversations about mobile payment systems shifted between 2012 and 2013, the study found. In 2012, social media conversations were driven by confusion over payment options and whether to use them; the following year, the conversations changed to which mobile payment option to use.

Merchants who have adopted mobile payment systems drove 81 percent of mobile payment conversations in 2013, according to the study. A year earlier, non-adopters drove 68 percent of such conversations.

Positive consumer sentiment regarding transactions with mobile payment systems also jumped, from a 34 percent rate in 2012 to a 63 percent rate in 2013, suggesting that more businesses would be wise to adopt such systems. 

Based on the study results, however, security is still a major concern of both merchants and consumers. 

IMAGE: Square
Last updated: Feb 25, 2014


Abigail Tracy is a staff reporter for Inc. magazine. Previously, she worked for Seattle Metropolitan magazine and Chicago magazine.

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