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Want to Rent an M.B.A.?

A new crop of startups is offering companies the opportunity to hire M.B.A.'s and business school students on a temporary basis at relatively low cost.


Need a little extra brainpower for high-level work but don’t have the funds to hire someone full time? Don't worry. 

A new breed of startups is partnering business school students and M.B.A.'s with companies in need of help on specific projects or for short-term stints. The idea is to save small companies money while still offering them an avenue to bring in top talent, The Wall Street Journal reported

Startups HourlyNerd and Skillbridge are offering the service at a fraction of the cost of hiring big-name consulting firms like McKinsey & Co. or the Boston Consulting Group, the Journal reported. 

Some large companies, such as American Apparel and Outward Bound USA, reportedly have signed up for such services as well, though younger companies were the first to take advantage of them. 

Although the hiring companies get low-cost skilled labor, the temporary employees stand to benefit as well, with flexibility and job opportunities during a time when business degrees are not as highly sought after as they once were. 

IMAGE: Getty Images
Last updated: Feb 6, 2014

ABIGAIL TRACY is a staff reporter for Inc. magazine. Previously, she worked for Seattle Metropolitan magazine and Chicago magazine.

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