Gartner recently released its 2013 forecast for PC, tablet and mobile phone shipments. The results might not surprise you. The number of PC shipments is expected to fall, while tablet shipments are expected to significantly rise-- but mobile still takes a lion's share of the total market. 

According to the report, tablet shipments are expected to grow a whopping 53.4 percent and the total number of PC shipments is predicted to decline around 11 percent. Mobile shipments should see a more modest increase of 3.7 percent by the end of 2013.

In terms of actual units shipped, mobile is still on top-- the report predicted the total mobile shipments to hit more than 1.8 billion.  Tablets and PC shipments should total 184 million and 303 million respectively. 

The report also highlighted some specifics within each device market.

Android remains the leading operating system for devices--on track to account for 38 percent of shipments in 2013. Android was followed by the Windows system (12 percent), with Apple’s iOS operating system (14 percent) rounding out the top three. 

Additionally, Gartner predicted that wearable devices will primarily remain a companion to mobile phones. The report said that "less than 1 percent of consumers will actually replace their mobile phones with a combination of a wearable device and a tablet by 2017."