It's undeniably important to get your name out as a young startup, but it's unlikely that you have the money to hire a fancy public relations agency. It's a dilemma that too many fresh-faced founders find themselves facing. The result? Many reach out to reporters like myself in an attempt to get a few minutes in the media spotlight. But because they typically have little experience in PR, most of the time their pitch emails fall flat and end up in the trash. 

A new company, PressFriendly, just launched with the hopes of remedying this problem by providing startups with an alternative method of PR. Co-founded in San Francisco by Joel Andren and Paul Denya, PressFriendly makes software that builds personalized pitches and custom media lists for companies, as well as providing other assistance with PR issues.

PressFriendly's consultation services include strategic planning, crisis management, and scheduling of speaking opportunities. The services cost $100 to $1,000 per month, depending on how much consultation time a company wants. 

I receive hundreds of emails weekly pitching different companies for me to cover. It is safe to say that I have missed some amazing companies as a result of ignoring some underwhelming pitches, and as a reporter, I don't like that. But it seems that PressFriendly might be an affordable option for young companies to begin successful PR campaigns. 

In the future, will we talk about PressFriendly as "the startup that killed PR"? I doubt it. But it's hoped that it will help deserving startups get some press.