Tumblr, the New York-based social blogging platform, has just introduced a new feature, which allows users to pay to promote their blog posts. 

These posts, called Pinned Posts, cost $5 and go to the top of a user's dashboard for a full 24 hours or until the user chooses to dismiss the post, reports Bloomberg. Tumblr Vice President, Derek Gottfrid, claimed the new posts have generated $150,000 for the company.

“It’s going fantastically well,” Gottfrid told Bloomberg. “Our goal there is to sell an entire Tumblr experience to advertisers. You get followers; you get impressions; you get awareness.”

These new posts can be used by advertisers, but all the posted content links back to the advertiser’s Tumblr page (as opposed to, say, its website). 

The five-year-old startup has been experimenting with new advertising methods as of late, and Pinned Posts marks the fourth ad change rolled out by Tumblr since the beginning of the year.   

Tumblr will still reportedly feature Highlighted Posts, which allows users for $1 (now $2) to highlight posts on followers’ pages with large red labels and attention grabbing labels, says Mashable.