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Legal Disclaimer

Public Areas

Certain areas of the Inc.com Web site contain information supplied by visitors and others. Inc.com is not responsible for comments, advice, information, or any other posting made by visitors or others in these areas.

Inc.com reserves the right to review materials posted in any public areas and to delete or edit them, for any reason, at any time.


The advice that Inc.com mentors has given is each mentor's own and not that of Inc.com. Each mentor, consequently, is solely responsible for the information and opinions that he or she has given to users. A mentor may have an interest in the products, services, or business entities that he or she has recommended. Consequently, users should be aware that such interests may exist and may influence the advice that has been given by a mentor.

Mentors have addressed legal, accounting, or other professional issues, but users should not treat mentor responses as legal, accounting,or professional advice. Such advice can only be properly given by qualified professionals who are fully aware of a user's particular circumstances.

Service Providers

Inc.com has contractual arrangements with other companies that offer information, products, services, and online tools to Inc.com customers. For purposes of these arrangements, an "Inc.com customer" is a visitor who links to a service provider's Web site through the Inc.com site. Inc.com receives agreed-upon payments from each service provider that enters into transactions with Inc.com customers. (See Business Relationships.)

Linked Sites

The service-provider sites to which Inc.com provides links are operated by independent parties and are not under the control of Inc.com. You should inform yourself of the policies adopted by each of the service providers for the operation of its site, including its policies concerning the use of information provided to the solutions provider by the Inc.com customer or by Inc.com. (See Privacy Statement.)

No Warranty

The Inc.com business-development team assesses the products and services offered by service providers and believes that these products and services are appropriate and valuable to Inc.com's small-business customers. Inc.com does not, however, guarantee any products or services provided by service providers. Service providers are solely responsible for claims made by Inc.com customers with respect to the products or services provided to them by service providers, and Inc.com customers should look to the service providers for any guarantee of the performance of products or the suitability of services provided by them.

Independent Parties

Inc.com and each of the service providers are independent parties. There is no agency, employee, or partnership relationship of one to the other or among any of them, and they have no authority to bind another of the parties. Any reference describing Inc.com and any service provider as "partners" is colloquial only and does not represent the legal relationship between them, which is one of independent contractors.

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