You probably already know that sitting at your desk hunched over your computer 10 hours a day doesn't make for a healthy lifestyle. You probably also know that spending 10 hours a day hunched over the computer doesn't really get you all that excited to head to the gym or go for a run after work. (A massage might be nice, though.)

Crunched for time yet fearing the consequences of a sedentary life, many office workers have begun adopting office workouts to at least give them some activity during the day. 

The Atlantic's James Hamblin recently gaves a useful, brief, and entertaining rundown of some of his favorites in this video, which is worth the three minutes to watch.

They include desk pushups, desk lifts, walking meetings, chair dips, sitting squats, and running up and down the stairs of your building. (Running in place in the elevator is also an option, but Hamblin notes, "it freaks people out because it shakes the elevator.")

Consider adopting some of these practices into your daily regiment if you struggle to find the time to exercise. And you might consider suggesting some of your employees do as well.

While the effect of employee wellness on bottom lines remains in dispute, it might have an effect on employee happiness. Encouraging some office workouts might just turn their 10 hours of computer hunching into a more physically bearable existence.