LinkedIn is hoping to take a bite out of turnover rates by showing members career advancement opportunities at their existing companies.

The "Internal Job Recommendations" feature was one of three HR-facing product updates unveiled by LinkedIn at an event this morning.

Previously, LinkedIn members would see opportunities at other companies when they visited the career-minded social network's Jobs section. Now, that page will also feature internal job opportunities, turning members onto opportunities right down the hall that they might not have been aware of.

LinkedIn's other job recommendation services--such as emails to members and a "Jobs You Might Be Interested In" widget on also now incorporate internal opportunities.

Keep Your Best Talent

LinkedIn has found that 42 percent of people who left a job would have stayed at the company if they could have found another job there, LinkedIn VP of Product Parker Barrille said during the event. People aren't necessarily looking to leave their companies, he said, just their jobs.

The new service, Barrille said, could help companies bridge that gap. A pilot program by LinkedIn over the past several months saw internal applications double at participating organizations, he said.

Internal mobility has been an object of consternation in recruiting circles of late.

Companies have a hard time letting their employees know about internal opportunities, often to their detriment. Recent surveys from LinkedIn have shown that 69 percent of HR managers think their employees are aware of internal mobility programs, but only 25 percent of departing employees agree.

That's bad news for a number of reasons, not least of which is the value young talent puts on the opportunity to grow and advance their careers.

LinkedIn also announced a new version of its Recruiters app for the iPhone and unveiled the app for Android. It also updated its Recruiters profile pages, which give access to information about potential candidates, with a redesign meant to bolster the user experience on the recruiters' end.