Video Transcript

00:10 Heidi Messer: The hard part of growth is you can't really plan for the growth part because that's the timing of the market, but you can know where you wanna be and what steps you need to get there. So if things happen faster or sooner than you thought, okay well then I need to staff-up in this area and I need to go after that opportunity 'cause it's here, or if something slows down you know where you can conserve, and kind of pace yourself, and find a different path to get to your end goal.

00:34 Alexis Maybank: It's challenging. A few things that... At the very beginning, actually, I invested in getting an executive coach because it's really important to recognize that... We had to make sure that the team around the table was really balanced from a personality standpoint, or we would've all run down the wrong road really quickly. And one of the things I really focused on, at every step early when I was hiring people, was that you have to emphasize the amount of change that comes with growth.