On April 19th, fifteen business owners gathered on the 59th floor of the luxurious and newest high-rise in San Francisco, One Rincon Hill at 489 Harrison St. Besides the spectacular views, the participants engaged in a meaningful, moderated discussion on challenges they face in their respective businesses. 

This CEO Roundtable is a feature of the Inc. Business Owners Council and brings together CEOs and business owners in a confidential setting where they can discuss burning issues they face in their businesses and/or give advice on how to best resolve them. A great time was had by all and everyone wanted to continue talking way after the evening ended.

Our next event, to take place on May 24th at the Fairmont Heritage Place in downtown San Francisco, will be a new member invitational event with our guest speaker Mr. Lewis Schiff from our New York Office. The topic is "What's your number?", an owner's guide to maximizing your business' value! If you are planning to sell your business, just exploring options or might consider this course of action for your future, this is the event for you! And, of course, all the networking you can handle with business owners, like yourself! This event is limited only to business owners and/or CEOs of companies with more than $2M in annual revenue and at least 10% ownership. Click here to register for this event!