Video Transcript

00:10 Amy Chowdhry: AnswerLab measures employee engagement at our company and we've seen extremely high success rate here. In addition, we've seen extremely high retention of our employees. This has really come from the fact that we focus holistically on each employee in thinking about their relationship to the company. Earlier this year, we put together a holistic talent management program that contains four key quadrants for how we want to ensure the employees have a great experience with AnswerLab.

00:41 Chowdhry: The first is their career, the second is their learning with the organization, the third is their overall wellness, and the fourth is the ability for them to give back to the community. Just to give you a few examples, within the learning category, we give a tech benefit of $400 to every employee so that they can purchase a technology product of their choice and learn more about that. It's important to us as a company 'cause we're a user experience firm and we want to be able to have our employees learn more about those experiences.

01:11 Chowdhry: In the learning... Wellness category, we give every person in the company a Fitbit because we want them to get out of their chairs and out into the environment and walking and ensuring that they have a really healthy lifestyle. And in the giving back category, we've formed a committee entirely ran by the employees that enables them to decide how they'd like the company to give back to the broader community. And it's by taking this holistic view that we've been really able to engage our team for the long term.