Video Transcript

00:11 Amy Chowdhry: Yeah, I'd really like to encourage companies to be thinking about their digital strategy, not in terms of silos. "Here is our web experience," "Here's our tablet experience," "Here's our mobile experience." But to think of this as an ecosystem, and how does the customer's experience with your brand evolve across each one of these channels? And how does each of these channels fit together as a nice family of ways to connect with your customers? There are a couple of key things to keep in mind. Many companies are exploring the idea of responsive design, which is the ability for each of the web browsers just across these channels to be able to sort of read where you're coming from and to adapt the site to it. But another key element you need to think about is, what is the context your customer is really coming to approach you in each of these channels? Do they want entirely different types of content in one channel versus another? And if so, you may need to really custom and tailor the experience to them. So just really keeping in mind that all of these things work in harmony with one another, they're not silos.