Entrepreneurs show a remarkable capacity for letting their businesses screw up their personal lives? remarkable mainly because steps toward solutions areoften so simple.

Norman and Elaine Brodsky's family life took a beating for years when their businesses were first thriving: Norm says he was unable to coordinate hisbusiness schedule with his personal commitments and ended up missing events like music recitals and school open houses.

Finally, the Brodskys came up with a plan to solve the problem. At the beginning of each month, Elaine gives Norm a computer-generated calendar offamily and personal appointments for the next 30 days, which he incorporates into his business calendar. (Their current company is CitiPostal, inBrooklyn, N.Y.; Norm is CEO and Elaine is vice president of customer relations.) "This way, Norman can decide what he wants to be part of and work hisschedule around it," says Elaine. "It saves a lot of headaches." Says Norm: "My life is a lot better balanced than it's ever been."