Good ideas have a way of slipping through the cracks if there's no method for collecting and distributing them. At Berthelot &Associates, a management-consulting and accounting firm, in Cleveland, employees are expected to be on the lookout for waysthat clients can save money or increase income. So the company developed a simple form that accompanies each client's file.Called the "pay-for-me" form, it provides space--and serves as a reminder--for notes and suggestions about ways to savemoney.

"People were always coming up with ideas for clients but forgetting them in the press of business," says Mike Berthelot. "Inbusy periods, the form keeps the staff focused on doing what our clients hire us to do." The form also gets people who aren'tnormally considered customer-support people, like clerical workers, involved in helping clients.

And one other thing: clients love it. "When I tell prospective clients about the pay-for-me forms," says Berthelot, "they'rethrilled."

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