Many customers feel cheated if a product breaks shortly after the warranty expires. How can businesses overcome customer suspicions that the warranty was designed to run out before problems arose?

Intech Construction, in Philadelphia, has found a way to avoid warranty woes. One month before the warranty expires, the team that completed the project formally inspects it with the customer. If additional work is needed, it can be completed within the warranty period.

The proactive inspection reassures clients that Intech conscientiously builds to contracted specifications. Subcontractors know of the inspection, which is an additional incentive for them to do the work properly. "Our inspection shows that we deliver what we sell," says Louis Parise, vice-president of operations for the 50-person construction company. Intech extends its commitment to customers beyond the warranty period when the work needed is covered by the spirit of the warranty.

"Our goal is repeat business," adds Parise, "so customer satisfaction is our top priority. One customer alone has returned for 53 projects in 10 years."

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