All-natural biogardening: Can it exist? We're talking organically correct fertilizer here, not to mention toxin-free insecticides and herbicides that harness insect-fighting agents existing in nature. Ringer, a manufacturer, in Bloomington, Minn., produces these products and is spreading the word. Ringer educates its customers about the advantages of biogardening with an array of free brochures that contain nary a product--or price.

"We've always been an education-intensive business, because what we're selling is different," said Rob Ringer, son of company founder Judd. "People don't know the whole natural approach." Ringer, which registers annual sales of $14 million, enlightens its customers as a presales service, which eventually boosts revenues.

What do customers conclude from this approach? That Ringer's campaign for ecological sensitivity is genuine and trustworthy, not artificial and profit-driven--and that the company is more interested in the quality of its products than in the manipulation of its image. The direct manner with which its claims are offered contributes to the company's credibility.

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