What customer doesn't enjoy getting something for free? If you go far for your customers, your customers will go far for you.

Bob Morency, co-owner of R& D Ergonomics, located in Freeport, Maine, sells ergonomic products for office and industrial uses and consults with executives of companies on their ergonomic needs. When a prospective customer calls, Morency often arranges to make a personal visit free of charge.

"I'll volunteer to go in and look at a couple of workstations, and I'll drop off some of our product for them to try," he says. More often than not, this leads to a sale. Morency also offers free, unlimited telephone support to customers, and he often receives faxes with a sketch of a workstation and a request for his advice on placement of ergonomic products.

Norbert Johnston, owner of NBJ Management and Financial Services, in Brattleboro, Vt., says he travels 25 miles each way to his mechanic because of certain extra service he receives. "When inspection time is coming up or my car is due for an oil change, he calls me to remind me," says Johnston. "And my car also gets washed for free whenever it goes in for service."