The old saying "retail is detail" also applies to customer service. Just ask Michael Horgan, a producer of corporate training videos, located in Harrisburg, Pa. Several years ago, Horgan launched a retail service, called Totally Video, which edits home videos from birthday celebrations, video Christmas cards, and other special occasions. Since Horgan can't be there personally to explain to novice video enthusiasts the various ways to jazz up and edit their material, he created a multiple-choice worksheet to educate and guide customers.

Says Horgan, "They aren't professionals, so they don't really know what to ask for to get the same quality of production you see on television." To steer customers toward producing a polished video they'll be happy with, the worksheet covers all aspects of professional video production, such as music, still photos, graphics, and incorporating old film footage. No matter who is working at the counter, the customer is certain to get good service. "We usually end up selling more services than the customer initially wanted," says Horgan.

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