When the sizzle of a sales pitch fizzles in the wake of the work necessary to fill the order, it's a great time to offer customers a perk to keep them occupied and focused on happier times ahead.

Dennis Brozak, founder and owner of Design Basics, a home-plan design firm, based in Omaha, provides his customers -- the home builders -- with a kit that allows future home owners to dream about how they will decorate and furnish their new home.

In addition to serving the customers of Design Basics' customers, the kit also serves the company's primary customer, the home builder. "They use the kit to help make a sale or to find out if a plan needs modifications to accommodate someone's grand piano," explains Brozak. "It helps home owners make their final decisions on wall color and finished goods in a timely fashion." Brozak has grown his company to $4 million in annual revenue, making it a market leader in its niche.