The more customers can quantify the return on their investment, the happier they are. When companies invest in employee education, they want to know that employees are applying their newly learned skills. According to Ann Angel, president of a computer-training firm, in Winston-Salem, N.C., you can strengthen your customer relationships if you help clients quantify the value they get from your services..

One month after a training session, Angel's Technologies Training of the Triad (TTT) surveys trainees to find out what percentage use the specific computer skills taught in the class. A follow-up survey requires more effort than the warm and fuzzy questions typically asked at the end of a class, such as "Did you like the instructor?"

Angel says, "The extra effort of the follow-up survey is definitely worthwhile." TTT trainers use the feedback to improve future classes. Corporate training managers use the positive results as ammunition to justify future training expenditures. And, TTT differentiates itself from the competition by its willingness to help customers calculate the value of the service.

How are things going for the firm? TTT has a client roster of 350 and a retention rate just under 100%, after 10 years in business.

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