Want to let your customers know how committed you are to serving them? For years, J.W. Kisling, the CEO of Multiplex Inc., a St. Louis maker of beverage-dispensing equipment for the food-service industry, has listed the home phone numbers of the company's 16 directors and officers in its catalog. Next to the list is a suggested contact to call in case of emergency. "The secret," confides Kisling, "is we only get a couple of calls a year. But seeing it in writing impresses the hell out of our customers."

Multiplex doesn't limit its customer-service commitment to senior management, however. When Kisling gives tours of the facility, he invariably stops at a workstation to chat with one of the company's 120 factory employees. "It impresses a customer to see that our employees can explain what's going on around them. Everyone's a salesperson here," he says.

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