Customize your database, integrate it into every aspect of your business, and keep it current. advises Irene Agnew, president of Agnew Tech-II, a Westlake Village, Calif., communication firm that specializes in foreign language translation. The firm customized a program called Approach to create its client database. Here's how the technology works for Agnew Tech-II:

  • Fast service. The system's quotation module converts the number of words to be translated into production work-hour requirements and costs. Customers with rush orders can receive a written quotation within 10 minutes of requesting a bid via the Internet.
  • Quick assessment of freelance staff availability. The program identifies which of Agnew's 300 freelance translators have the skills for the assignment.
  • Inter-department communications. When a project is approved, the system sends a complete work order to the production department. The computer automatically prints the daily status of work orders and can send reports to clients, if necessary. When a job is finished, the accounting department prints the invoice. The number of hours worked is recorded to monitor the accuracy of bids and detect changes needed in the quotation formula.
  • Client data. The database provides a comprehensive history of each client at the click of a button. "When customers ask us questions about prior work months later," says Agnew, "we can easily comply."
Customers compliment Agnew Tech-II on its rapid response and efficient job monitoring. And happy clients provide word-of-mouth referrals for the firm.

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