According to an industry survey, Holy Cross Hospital, in Chicago, has climbed from the 13th to the 98th percentile in patient satisfaction rankings. How? "We declared war on poor service," says Mark Clement, president of the $98-million, 1,700-employee hospital.

Holy Cross created a service infrastructure of eight teams, each made up of 10 employees and leaders. To ensure overall results, a "commando team" oversees the eight teams.

  1. A physician team is responsible for continuing education, new doctors' orientation, and other physician-support activities.
  2. A measurement team measures and disseminates service results.
  3. A linking team designs activities to reinforce service-oriented behavior: a traveling trophy for the department with the highest satisfaction scores, a luncheon honoring doers of good deeds.
  4. A standards team designs measurable standards for employee behavior that affects customer satisfaction, then works to implement them.
  5. A first-and-last-impression team helps employees frame the customer experience to employ the best practices.
  6. A removing-irritations team acts on customer feedback.
  7. A customer-satisfaction team makes sure that department-based teams develop and implement improvement initiatives.
  8. An adding-value team develops amenities that exceed customer expectations, such as offering patients hair appointments.

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