Want to hire employees who give great service? Here are some hiring and training techniques that work well for HGO Technology, a 70-employee computer technology consulting firm, in Wheeling, W. Va.

  • Involve customers and coworkers in the hiring process. The people who will work closely with new hires should have a voice in the decision. HGO's customers and project team members are given the opportunity to interview and approve job applicants.
  • Hire staff with advanced training in secondary areas. HGO employees are selected for their computer expertise plus their knowledge and skills in areas such as aerospace engineering, biostatistics, accounting, technical and graphical communications, mathematics, and business administration. The added perspective helps HGO understand the needs of customers in different industries. Two government contracts, worth more than $7 million, were recently awarded to HGO as a direct result of the company's ability to offer a quality workforce with diverse talents.
  • Take prompt, corrective action when employees don't deliver superior customer service. When necessary, terminate the employee. Go one step further and share the reason for termination with customers and employees -- this reinforces the message that the company is committed to service excellence.

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