At a service company, changes in personnel can cause the quality of service to suffer. To prevent uncomfortable and potentially aggravating situations for your customers, take a lesson from Ridgaway Philips, in Spring House, Pa., a provider of home health care to critically-ill patients. The company videotapes its patients' on-site care routines so that if substitutes need to fill in, they can watch the videotape and hit the ground running once they arrive at a patient's home. The videotapes detail how to enter the house, the locations of supplies, and the speech and physical therapy sessions. "For patients leaving the hospital," says Jacquelyn Moore, president and CEO of Ridgaway Philips. "we also interview the discharge nurse, who gives us tips and techniques for caring for that particular patient."

In addition to being a training aid, the videotapes provide clients with a vivid record of their progress. Kids especially love it, says Moore, whose company earns $9 million in revenues annually and employs 450 health-care providers. "Besides being a service to our clients, the tapes give us a way to show insurance companies what we are doing for patients, as they focus more on patient outcomes."

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