If you need to increase sales but can't afford a salesperson, what else can you do? Paul G. Lewis, CEO of MC2, a computer network design, installation, and support company in Warren, N.J., decided to focus his limited selling time on customers who could sell for him.

Lewis started targeting law and accounting firms, which deal regularly with his potential client base. He figured that if he did a good job for them, they would mention his company to their clients and colleagues. He excelled in his service for his target firms, handed them a stack of his cards when he left, and asked them to recommend MC2.

It didn't take long to see the results. Within two weeks of his first law firm job, Lewis got his first referral. That year, sales grew a whopping 700% over those of the previous year, and his sales expense was zero. Lewis's revenues have grown to $10 million since 1990.