Looking to save money on long-distance faxing? You might want to try the Internet.

The fax-service provider FaxSav (800-828-7115), which is headquartered in Edison, N.J., claims that you can save up to 50% per fax by sending your international missives through its network. (There are also savings on domestic faxes, but they're not as great.) The software is free -- you just download it from the company's Web site -- and although prices depend on destination, faxes sent to the United States from overseas cost at most 15 cents a page.

FaxSav works from any E-mail program or Windows application (you can also use a regular fax machine if you have a FaxSav connector, which the company provides free with the service). For example, if you're working in Microsoft Word and want to send the document as a fax, you just click on the Print command as though you were printing the document, and then choose the FaxSav option. A little bar at the top of your page shows you the progress of the fax; if there's a connection problem or the number is busy, FaxSav will automatically retry the number.

With the average small company spending $400 a month on faxing, you've got nothing to lose but your long-distance phone bill.