You're setting up a home business and need E-mail. The obvious thing to do is call your local ISP, where you can get TCP/IP to send your data packets over twisted pair.

Obvious to some anyway. But the rest of us need a little help deciphering the linguistic goo that passes for technical vocabulary. Yes, there are books on the subject, but they obsolesce as quickly as technology itself, and in many cases the definitions they offer need definitions., an on-line technical dictionary and Internet tour guide, is a far better place to get the straight dope on such unfathomables as defragmenters and neural networks. The clearly defined terms are arranged alphabetically and within categories (for example, New Technology and Graphic Design). You can spend hours roaming from frame to frame, using the links within each definition to move from mail bomb to spamming to an article on how to keep yourself spam-free.

If becoming fluent in techno-ese is your goal, you'll want to check the site every day for its featured word (that's easy to do if you take the site's advice and make your browser's home page). And for those who don't want to feel alone in their ignorance, each week reports its 15 most requested definitions.