Here are some tips from Phaedra Hise, author of Growing Your Business Online: Small-Business Strategies for Working the World Wide Web (Henry Holt, 800-488-5233, $14.95), for a Web site that's going to be stored in-house.

  A dedicated phone line is a basic component of your Internet service. Because phone company orders are notoriously backlogged, you may have to wait a while to have your phone line installed. Contact your Internet service provider or local telephone company as soon as you begin considering the setup.

  Specialized "Internet server" computers are overpriced and overpowered for most sites. For an entry-level site, start out with a smaller, less expensive Pentium-based computer with a fast modem. If customer demand overpowers that machine, you'll be able to justify the expense of something bigger.

  Determine who will set up and maintain the system. Will it be an employee, an outside contractor, or some combination of the two? Someone needs to be on call at all times; if the system crashes, you want it back online as quickly as possible.