How does one small organization use an intranet, or internal Web site, to keep human resources operations up to par? Before Forsyth Dental Center, a nonprofit organization in Boston, launched an intranet, Forsyth's 150 employees had been working fairly independently. "There wasn't much centralized management, and the lack of good record keeping ran us into some legal problems," says Douglas Hanson, the center's director of computing and network technology.

To improve the organization of such data as research guidelines, grant-application updates, and employee policies, Hanson had considered the popular Lotus Notes groupware (Lotus Development, 800-343-5414) for sharing data files. But he soon realized that Notes was way too expensive for Forsyth's 40 computer users.

Instead, Hanson decided to install an intranet. At the time, it cost $400 to buy the additional Microsoft Windows NT licenses that would allow many employees to access the site simultaneously. "We have only two people running the network and not a lot of money," says Hanson. He chose FrontPage (Microsoft, 800-426-9400) for creating and updating the site, and he encourages department heads to contribute to the site and keep their sections up-to-date.