Thinking of adding videoconferencing capabilities to your business computers? It can save you money if your company regularly rounds up far-flung employees or clients for meetings. And it allows you to check in with telecommuting employees. But before you rush to invest in phone lines and video-capable computers, make sure to test-drive a few videoconferencing systems first. And to help decide whether videoconferencing is right for you, bear these guidelines in mind:

?   If face-to-face contact isn't an essential part of your business transactions, videoconferencing is probably a waste of your money.

?   Be realistic. The video images you'll get from a low-end desktop system move at about half the speed of television.

?   Most systems don't yet talk to one another. Make sure the party with whom you aim to do business is equipped to take your call.

?   No matter how well it works for you, never let videoconferencing replace all of your one-to-one meetings.