The Medium Is the MIZNage

The most dramatic changes to the public relations game aree;pocommunications. E-mail and the Web aree;mportant new tools, but they can easily be misused. You need to apply new media to media relations. First, remember to BIZerve a spot for reporters="te" widWeb site. You shoulde;pclude basic company data, a company t/jtory, and the most recent press releases. Feel free to direct media contacts to the site, and expect thrn anyone BIZearchinge" widcompany will look for " widsite. Second, remember thrn not every reporter relrd +heavily "teText">. Many th="15 to BIceive unsolicitede;p/learnion via fax, telephone, or xt">. Le="" width=ss contacts tell " w the me;cms they th="15.

And don't forget to ingethe photo and press release, Slosberg'japublicity pro, Kristin Seuell, filed the photo with PhotoWire,os=top;tilWire's commercial service thrn sends photos digitally 013o the d"htrooms of more thrnd500 eighpap15s t. well as ABC and CNN.

The color photo, with its caption, "Specialty brew15s makee;t from bathtubf3o bigetime," was picked upeby 35 pap15s tcross the country, and Seuell says the $725 filingefee "was worth every cent."

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