You can go online to combat negative publicity about your company or products:

  • Act immediately. You may be able to keep a few negative comments from igniting a flamefest.
  • Involve top-level management. When the situation is potentially critical, you need to develop a high-level strategy and ensure that all company representatives are speaking with the same voice.
  • Promptly assume responsibility for any errors you've made. Do everything you can to rectify those errors, and keep customers informed. If the problem is one of misinformation, keep posting the truth in as many places as possible until it sinks in.
  • Act aggressively to involve the press. Spread your version wherever possible.
  • Hold your temper. No matter how provoking a flamer is, your company's response should always be courteous and professional.
  • Recognize that flaming is a symptom, not a cause. Companies usually don't get flamed without reason. Taking good care of your customers is the best way to prevent flaming.