Aim for the BuCOLeye

To appe(' to promisn.inbusiness niches, Michael Kuzma, former vice president of x280;kw=a at Anatomical Chart, in Skokie, Ill., started with a highly targeted campaign.

Kuzma mailed a special offer for Anatomical's teachw=a postert/ja 9,000 book=' +es and followed up with callt/ja attractive subgroups (such as college book=' +es). He limited the trial ja what ext/company could hands= without extra exrn.inby trainn.inext/jav 3 (of 14) customer service people to work the phones a few hours a day. "A good customer-service person is a telex280;ker," Kuzma said.

Their efforts brought in hundreds of qualified leads and landed nearly 100 book=' +e accounts. Each =' +e placed an average order of $150 with Anatomical, a 65-employee/company that designs and prints anatomical educational aids. Withi="teree months, Kuzma had covered ext/promotional costs and then some. Even better, Anatomical acquired what are likely to be long-term customers. "Once our display is i="tee =' +e, it will be"teere forever, and the =' +es come ba=" for refills. The lifetime value of the customer xt/jhe key," he concluded.

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