Design Basics, a home-plan publisher, risks losing sales to its competitors because the home builders who sell its products don't represent Design Basics exclusively. To avert ineffective secondhand sales pitches, Design Basics writes and delivers the script for independent sales reps.

Each page of the home-plan summary that a builder-rep shows a prospective home buyer comes complete with a detailed, bulleted list of the design's highlights. For instance, while a competitor's plan might simply state that a house is "sunny," a Design Basics summary specifies "double doors in southern exposure provide ample light."

"We spell out the features builders take for granted, so they don't have to fish for words," explains Linda Reimer, president of the $4-million firm based in Omaha. And when home buyers are left to look over a stack of plans, Design Basics sales copy demystifies the details. According to a survey of 300 builders, 90% of them liked the sales copy with its bulleted highlights.

In addition to providing a ready-made sales pitch, Design Basics publishes illustrations that maintain clarity and crispness when faxed. If reps require sales materials on the spot or need to fax illustrations to a prospect, Design Basics plans received by fax can compete with other companies' slick presentations that the prospect might already have.

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